Eric Cash was born in Dallas, Texas and, like most of the other kids in the 1960s, grew up listening to The Beatles. He has always loved drawing and painting and the Beatles and sports have always been two of his favorite subjects to paint.

He won his first art contest at the age of eight. Through his teen years, he continued to win art competitions, selling his first painting at the age of nineteen. Several years later, he enrolled at the Art Institute of Dallas, graduating with “Best Illustration Portfolio” and the prestigious “Best Overall Portfolio” honors. 
After earning his education in art, he worked at a few small studios before finally landing a job as Senior illustrator at the Fossil Studios where he developed a 1950s retro American advertising art style which is a trademark style for him today.

Eric also became well-known in the commercial art field as a sports artist. He has painted commissions for professional athletes and pro sports teams and his work has appeared on sports trading cards for such iconic card companies as Donruss and Upper Deck.
As time passed, Eric was able to fulfill some of his earliest artistic goals: getting work published in books, on magazine covers, creating art for sports trading cards and winning awards from such prestigious industry publications as Communication Arts and Graphics. But he realized that one of his earliest (and greatest) passions — painting images of The Beatles — had been lying dormant. Since resurrecting this passion a few years ago, he has created numerous works of The Beatles, both individual and group, and shows no sign of slowing down. Now a vendor at the twice-yearly Fest For Beatles Fans, he has earned the respect and admiration of Beatles fans across the country who now eagerly anticipate each new painting. Several of his Beatle pieces have been published in books and magazines.

He still lives in Dallas with his wife Misty and two children, Ethan and Emma.